How to keep jewellery clean

You might have just bought a new watch that is water resistant and wanted to try it out, so you went for a swim with it and when you were finished you got caught up in a dust storm, and your watch ended up being covered in mud, considering that it was still wet. Had that happened to you, you would probably be posed with the question: “how do I clean it”.

The first thing you should know is that there are different ways to clean jewellery, so in this case the watch is water resistant, meaning that you can easily place it under a tap of running water, wiping it gently with a soft cloth, in order to avoid scratches.

Unfortunately though, not all jewellery is water resistant, so you might want to keep these jewellery pieces away from dirt and if for any reason they end up getting dirty, despite all the efforts you put in, then you should buy some chemicals that are specifically designed to clean the type of jewellery that you possess, to avoid any further problems.
It is often said that “prevention is better than cure”. Meaning that you should rather avoid getting your jewellery in contact with dirt because if you purposefully expose it to dirt, thinking that you will clean it later, then you might end up compromising the overall appearance of the jewellery piece, by making it get scratched in the cleaning process, as many jewellery pieces tend to get scratched quite easily and you could end up making the colour fade, if the jewellery piece is platted gold or something similar.

Surely this all sounds disturbing to you, which is why yo should follow these steps, which will ensure your jewellery remains clean.
-If you know that you are going to take part in an activity, where you will surely get dirty, such as driving a motorcycle through the mud, going paintballing or even going for colour runs, then be sure to leave all your jewellery either in the car or at home.
-If you just cannot live without telling the time and enjoy the outdoors, then you should invest in a water, shock and scratch resistant watch.
-Do not go for platted jewellery if you enjoy messy activities, as some pieces fade quite easily when exposed to certain chemicals an water.
Follow these simple steps and you will surely be satisfied with the results.


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