Gold Jewellery

When you use the word jewellery, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘gold’. But you can have jewellery without the presence of gold. However, gold still forms an integral part of every jewellery item. You can have diamonds and rubies for embellishment. Nevertheless, without the gold items to hold them, it is very difficult for anyone to appreciate the true beauty of the jewellery.

The malleability:

There is no doubt that gold is one of the most precious metals found in the earth. Pure gold by itself is extremely malleable. In other words, you are able to mold the pure gold into any shape. This would not be suitable for making jewellery. Hence, the jewel makers have to add certain impurities such as copper. This enables the gold to harden and make it easy to fashion out different kinds of jewellery.

Different types of jewellery

There are innumerable types of gold jewellery in the market. The women love to have necklaces, bangles, chains, earrings, nose rings, anklets, bracelets, etc. The list can go on forever. No one can satisfy a woman’s thirst for jewellery. This has made the jewel designers to create infinite designs for the women.

We normally associate jewellery with women. However, men have their share of jewellery too. You can see a number of men wearing chains and bracelets. Of course, the finger rings are common for both women and men. Jewellery does not lose its shine when you see it on the male species. However, nothing can compare the beauty of the jewels when a woman wears and displays the ornaments. It looks as if nature has made them for each other.

Advantages of gold jewellery

The greatest advantage of gold jewellery is that its value does not depreciate. You might have bought a gold chain fifty years back. If you go to sell the same gold chain today, you get the value of the gold based on today’s values. No other asset in the world can give you this luxury or trading at present day values.

Gold jewellery has its own charm. It has its therapeutic effects too. You can find many people getting allergies when they wear imitation jewellery. The same vanishes when they resort to wearing pure gold chains and necklaces.

The amazing applications

The gold jewellery has amazing applications. No wedding in the world is complete without the display of gold jewellery in some form or the other. The best part of gold is that you can embed precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc. The gold does not lose its lustre or pale into insignificance because of the magnificence of these stones. On the contrary, the gold enhances the beauty of these ornaments in many ways.