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jewelleryJewellery is one of life’s little luxuries – a quick and simple way to make us feel better. It’s also a constant wardrobe staple – trends may come and go but people were wearing jewellery thousands of years ago and we’re still at it. What has changed though is that while once jewellery was the preserve of the rich and famous, we can all now look fabulous! While every girl should have some real diamonds to her name, the availability of good quality wholesale jewellery means that we can cheer ourselves up that bit more often and grab a bargain while we’re at it. So go ahead and treat yourself to this year’s must-have accessories…

So what are the jewellery trends in the UK for this year? After big statement pieces for the last few seasons, the romantic look has come back in, with smaller, more delicate pieces, and geometric styling. Metallics are a big story, with silver, bronze, gold and rose gold in particular all featuring prominently in the spring and summer collections. Rings are delicate too, stacked for effect but still slim and elegant. Skinny chains set with classic pearls are a big story this season, with nods to an age of bygone glamour.

Teaming the geometric trend with the romantic look, and working the metallics once again, tasselled jewellery is everywhere. The look works particularly well on earrings, where the movement of your head will allow those strands to shimmer, and on necklaces where the solidity of the tassel is combined with a delicate chain. To add colour and drama to this golden look, search for beading on the end of the tassels – think 1930s London.

wholesale jewelleryTake some style inspiration from history with arm cuffs. Wear a few together, and push them up your forearm towards your elbow, or let them dangle loosely from the wrist. Pretty gemstones set into the metal of the bracelets soften the look and add a touch of femininity to an androgynous cuff, or if you prefer charms, hang a small selection of pretty stones from a skinny bangle. The romance of gemstones, and birthstones in particular, is a trend that shows no signs of going anywhere. Adding a birthstone gives a personal touch to a classic piece, and brings it right up to date.

So whatever lovely jewellery treats you pick for yourself, keep them pretty and you won’t go far wrong this season.

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